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Nov 5 2015

Climate Change Data Sources

Our guest blogger, Tonya Graham, from ClimateWise®, describes how ClimateWise® helps infrastructure developers understand how climate change is likely to affect specific project sites. Ms. Graham is a member of the American Society of Adaptation Professionals.

According to the National Climate Change Assessment, temperatures are increasing, sea level is rising, and snow and ice cover are decreasing worldwide. Accompanying these are increasing trends in extremes of heat and heavy precipitation events, and decreases in extreme cold. All of these trends are expected to get markedly worse.  They represent vulnerabilities to our communities if our infrastructure is not designed to withstand them.


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Sep 21 2015

Trends from Verified Projects

Seven projects have earned envision awards (and more are coming soon).  So far, there are 2 Silver, 1 Gold, and 4 Platinum awards.


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Aug 25 2015

Water Sector Strides Toward Sustainability With Envision®

Today's water sector faces many challenges. Increasing populations strain existing water and wastewater infrastructure systems, particularly in urban areas.


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Aug 20

Celebrating 3,500 ENV SPs World-wide!

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Aug 12

Videos on Envision Projects

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Aug 5
Jul 30

Presentations on Envision by ISI

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